What is the Largest Payout Lottery Game in US History?

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Brant Edgington made a wise decision when he decided to purchase some Mega Millions tickets while getting lunch at Baker’s in Fremont. According to Nebraska Lottery officials, Brant’s investment paid off when five of his winning numbers (but not Mega Ball) matched five winners for $1 Million!

Nebraska Lottery was created by state legislature in 1993 as an official member of Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL), offering games like Powerball, Mega Millions, 2by2, Nebraska Pick 5 and MyDaY with minimum age restrictions for participating set at 19.

As well as its signature Powerball jackpot, the Nebraska Lottery operates several smaller games such as Scratch-Offs and Keno. While most Nebraska Lottery games use numbered balls drawn in Tallahassee, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia for drawing purposes, some other smaller games such as Keno or 2by2 use random number generators instead to determine winners.

Recently, Nebraska has seen several big lottery wins. Two individuals from Lincoln won $20,000 playing Multitude of Money while another pair from O’Neill scored $50,000 playing Powerball.

Recent Nebraska Lottery successes are many and varied, including the aforementioned Powerball Jackpot that has been growing without a winner since November, reaching $747 Million or $403.1 Million with cash option available – no wonder so many people are playing!

This jackpot ranks second largest in US history; the previous largest prize was won in February 2006 by eight workers at ConAgra Foods’ Lincoln facility for ham and corned beef production.

On Monday, February 6th there will be another Powerball drawing with an estimated jackpot worth an estimated $448 Million. Each time there is no winner the prize could keep growing by at least $20 Million more and may continue to do so if no one claims their prize! Players are strongly advised to regularly review their tickets, and to play responsibly. If unsure if a ticket has won, contact the Nebraska Lottery for clarification – find a list of past winning tickets here. Nebraska Lottery is committed to creating a safe environment for both players and employees, working alongside law enforcement agencies in local communities to combat organized crime and protect its assets. This includes its physical facilities, which are managed by a staff of over 250 individuals, as well as employing more than 4,000 agents throughout the state who help run day-to-day operations of the lottery. Furthermore, the lottery participates in various community efforts like supporting military families and schools – it has donated over $3 Million in past to education-related causes!

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